They Always Come Back

Over the past year this blog has, for the most part been silent.
My life has taken me down a path I would never have expected. To be honest, If the 10 year old me met the me of today I would be pretty damn impressed. If the me of 5 years ago met the me of today I would have offered the elder a one way ticket to crazytown.
I have become a paranormal investigator.
Yeah... I know.
It sounds insane but I have been given the opportunity to experience things I previously would have thought were impossible. I am part of a team of investigators who document claims of paranormal activity in historical locations and locations of interest. I feel it appropriate that I mention my absence here on this blog as the theme for this blog is: things that have gone away yet returned in some form or another. Disappearing Americana. That theme is very much the focus of what I currently do... although instead of objects I now focus on... rather intangible things.
I can say this: Over the course of the past year I have investigated quite a few locations. Not all I would consider to have paranormal activity but there are a few that have offered up experiences that I cannot explain. Static objects that move without any possible, reasonable, means of locomotion. Unexplained voices in locations that are devoid of other people with the exception of the team that are all present and silent. Voices heard on recordings that were not present at the time of recording. Shadowy figures moving silently though abandoned locations. I cannot explain this I can only appreciate the fact I have, and continue to, experience these events.
I am very proud of the team I have the good fortune to be a member of. Together we continue to document and report our findings. I'm letting you all know about this as my focus is now on investigations and it will continue to take me attentions away from this blog.
So... now you know.
That is why I have not updated this blog. I appreciate the comments and do read them regularly. It seems I have several posts that get a heck of a lot of attention and I am pleased to see so many people interested.

If you want to learn more about what I am doing please check out Los Angeles Paranormal Association or or click on the banner at the top of the page.
In the coming months we will be posting evidence from a few investigations that have changed the way I think about the world. At this moment in time... and this is a bold statement for me... I believe there are things in this world that can communicate and are aware of our presence that we cannot see or fully understand.
I know, I know...
Welcome to crazytown population: me.
Unless you experience it for yourself you may find it is impossible to believe. I have, and continue, to experience it.

They Always Come Back: In some instances... "they" never leave.