Vintage ads.

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Thank you Christy for sharing these fine ads. I'm speechless.
I just want to say that the picture of Joe Conrad is my new favorite image.


seagraphx said...

Oh you are quite welcome! I love the site and since I've been doing boomer research for work, I have uncovered a lot of amazing ads! And you know, I remember my mom used to buy this hunger supressants kind of a carmel... they were called AYDS! Goodness! "nothing fills me up like Ayds and a cup of tea!" bwahahahahaha --Christy

Cobra Golf Clubs said...

Did US Royals become Uniroyals the balls with hexagon dimples I cant recall why they made them like that maybe just for a fad.

I guess they never tried that again so the reason for it never worked anybody have any info on Uniroyals golf balls circa 1975 ish

mukesh said...

well not a bad start anyway. well look it thoroughly on what tips to follow before vacuuming.