Sam's Seafood.

Sequoia Sempervirens.: Sam's Seafood.

They Always Come Back:
Sam's is no more. It has now become Kona. The building still stands but the new owners could care less about it's tiki background let alone the history of this establishment.
Update: Kona is no more. It has become Don The Beachcomer's. It's tiki status has been renewed. THEY ALWAYS COME BACK!


Luke said...

It's called "Kona," so they've got the Hawaii thing in the name - but they're not keeping the tiki theme? Weird.

Anonymous said...

It is banking on the fact that Huntington Beach is the stripper capitol on the U S OF A. It is keeping a Hawaiian name but it now is geard to the tricked-out rim SUV, Subwoofer crowd and their siliconed f@ck-buckets.

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

Too bad, The last time we drove by it still appeared to be empty. Only ate there once during a multi-year Tiki fling- 3 years ago(?) maybe 4 years ago (?), it was not long before they closed. We were only in the main room up front by the waterfall / landscaped tropical area. The back with the long bar was closed for an upcoming event.

I can't say the food was terribly impressive (pretty average) and unfortunately, since I was behind the wheel, I was not able to sample their drinkity wares. So I cannot comment on the quality of their Scorpions, Rusty Nails, Mai Tais or Zombies.

It looked to me as if even the current owners at the time were only pursuing the Tiki theme half heartedly. Likely they already knew the end was near.

Ms. Bizarro said...

Very sad...another tiki treasure perverted.

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