Vintage ad.


Bill German said...


Stephen Chapman... said...


I wonder how much that beast cost and how long it would last before something going wrong?!

Apostic said...

See also

D said...

Heh, considering my grand mother's RCA has lasted from 1983 to present, and the Sony I bought when I was married lasted 5 years... A GE that vintage probably lasted forever, but cost a fortune.

Now, TV's are a commodity, and they last like one...

Michael Laprarie said...

That ad is circa 1979, when large-screen projection TV's and VHS VCR's were the latest in video technology.

Funny, I just clipped and saved a similar ad from a 1979 National Geographic, with the intention of posting it on my own blog.

BlogDog said...

I think with that vintage it might be a UMatic tape player, not a Betamax.

Alfred Centauri said...

it might be a UMatic tape player, not a Betamax."

Neither, it's a GE branded Panasonic VHS machine. I worked on quite a few of those in a previous life.

g said...

Looks like a Panasonic PV-1000. I still have one.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of the kind of television that was "cutting edge" and "state of the art" back in 1979 that no one but a collector would pay a nickel for today. A comprable 2009 set w/DVD player and external speakers would probably cost less in inflation-adjusted dollars than this monstrosity, plus have many more features.

patrick neid said...

My 25 inch RCA bought for the 1983 superbowl works perfectly at my buddy's house. Had to replace the on/off module once.

Kev said...

It's a little newer than the '83 models being cited here, but my 1991 RCA 25" TV is still going strong, as is--shockingly--my Montgomery Ward branded VCR from the same year.

SeanDD said...

Wow. That one belongs on the site.

Anonymous said...

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