Colorforms, invented by Harry Kislevitz, are toys produced by the Colorforms Corporation. Colorforms are paper-thin, die-cut vinyl sheet images and shapes that can be applied to a slick cardboard background board, much like placing paper-dolls against a paper backdrop. The images stick to the background via static cling and can be repositioned to create new scenes. The original box sets began appearing in the 1950s and feature bright shapes and "modern" basic designs, expanding into cartoon character sets. Later Colorforms licensed various properties, producing box sets supporting various TV series and movie releases.

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They Always Come Back:
Colorforms are now classified as an educational toy. You can fine them here.

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WAT said...

Yeah, I used to get these, and it got boring after a while to just move the sticky figures around the eternally stagnant "stage" or backdrop which never changed.