I Hop

Possibly the most infectious jingle ever. Acid induced family fun!

Hell is open for business. Stuck in this commercial hell Timmy gets a plate of offal and shy lil' Suzy gets a cockpot that instantly stirs up memories of inappropriate touching. Mom gets sliced tomatoes and Crisco on a bed of greens as Dad enjoys testicles marinara for all eternity.
Oh those wary faces.
Oh that suspicious food.
I like the way the family is introduced running to Ihop and then, after they see that crap on the table, they are shown running away from Ihop.

Ihop is everywhere man.
Based in Glendale California Ihop has 1,344 locations across the country.

They will be a future subject on this blog. I cant see the number of pancake houses increasing. I'll wait them out. They have to fall out of favor sometime. My favorite is the one near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. I once watched a lovely drunk prom date throw up into a bus-tray and when she was all done she made out with her handsome date. The busboy didn't get to see her throw up but he did pick up the bus-tray a few moment later and gagged as it was full of orange juice glasses and warm Bacardi smelling vomit.

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WAT said...

"as Dad enjoys testicles marinara for all eternity."

AHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAH! I so hate that old jingle! EW! How disturbing!