Astro Pops

Astro pops were very simple. Hard pointy candy on a stick. That's it. It had a stick. Then it had the candy in it. It also had this creepy wax base at the bottom of the candy. It was thick at the bottom and tapered to a dull hard candy point. They looked like multi-colored hippie candles sans wick. They have been around since the dawn of time and I assumed would be around forever.
I was wrong.

On November 24th 1997, a Skagit County couple has sued a candy maker and a convenience-store chain, contending their young son was hurt by a pointy sucker that punctured his throat.
Tisha and Edward Newman's Superior Court lawsuit for an unspecified amount of money from the Spangler Candy Co. of Bryan, Ohio, and Southland Corp., the Dallas-based parent company for 7-Eleven stores.
The Newmans contend their son Nicholas ``suffered several personal injuries when the Astro Pop punctured his throat, palate and tonsil.'

Spangler, the candy company that makes Astro pops decided to invert the shape.

In 1998 The following Astro Pop changes were made.
The following description is from the one of the many explanation e-mails that were sent from Spangler in response to the new inverted shape:
"...(1) The new shape is inverted and eats better. In the candy industry, this is known as mouthfeel and is an important attribute to the success of candy. Note that product will no longer slip out of your mouth, the larger end delivers more candy (and more flavor) to your mouth at one time.
(2) The flavor profile was improved. We changed the flavor formula to a better flavor note and more impact at first taste. The formula revision to slightly more sugar/less corn syrup also helps to deliver more flavor.
(3) The stickiness was reduced. The new product has slightly higher sugar to corn syrup ratio, therefore making the product less sticky, and able to withstand higher temperatures before meltdown, thus we are able to sell product in hot regions.
(4) The paraffin wax was removed. This edible wax wax not a problem in the U.S., but some foreign countries do not allow it. This opens the product up for more sales in international countries.
(5) The graphics were improved. New, exciting and consistent graphics were applied to all Astro Pops and boxes.

All were important facts in the re-design of the Astro Pop. The new Astro Pop is selling very well..."

Never did they say it was to avoid potential law suits as the candy was sturdy enough to be used as a weapon.

In 2002 Spangler Candy Company announced their newest addition to the Astro Pop® line, a one-ounce lollipop layered with chocolate, orange and vanilla (brown, orange and white) flavors.
The new Halloween Astro Pops were available in a 36-count display box, packed eight per case.
“This is a perfect flavor and color combination any time, but particularly for the Halloween season,” said Jim Knight, Spangler Candy’s Director of Marketing. “This is also a treat that any child will be delighted to receive in their trick-or-treat bag.”
The Halloween Astro Pop was the seventh color/flavor combination to join the Astro Pop collection. The others included Original, Sour, Rappin’ Raspberry, Banana Split, Caramel Apple, and the red, white and blue Astro Patriot Pop.

Unfortunately, sales volumes did not justify the continuation of Astro Pops, and this product is no longer produced as of September 2004.

More likely is the fact it was a hard candy that was very "stabbie."
Spangler continues to make other fine candies including Circus Peanuts and Dum Dums. They are also the creator of the Saf-T-pop, the stickless lollipop made for people who are prone to stick related injuries. Visit Spangler.

They Always Come Back:

Inverted or "ass-up" Astropops can still be found at Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. Get them now because they are clearly over 3 years old. The above link is for Olvera street and it does not show AstroPops for sale but trust me... they are there. Check the center isle vendors nearest the fountain. You'll see 'em.


EmmaPeel007 said...

Good use of the word stabbie.

Bobbi Jo* said...

i loved astro pops so much and I was sad to find out they were dicontinued =[

jdacats said...

I just sent my annual "comment" about Astropops to Spangler. Sigh. Maybe, some candy company with enough balls (and lawyers) will take it on themselves to re-launch this wonderful candy. Unless Spangler is so tight-assed about it that they won't sell the recipe. It wouldn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

I really am shocked about those who still remember the amazing astro pop... for me it was one of the best times of my life, that and the way matchbox cars came in that yellow checkered boxes in the 5&10 stores

Angelbaby said...

I can not believe I have been searching everywhere for these Astro Pops, which were one of my favorites. Only to find out they have been discontinued. It is a shame that these things have to happen. My younger brother choked on a hard candy when he was small (almost died)...I never seen them stop making hard candy. Why should they stop making Astro Pops????

Rocketman said...

I'm with jdacats, astro pops were the bomb!!!

Anonymous said...

Astro pops were always my favorite candy .I have been searching for the last 2 years only to just discover that they are no more.I always felt better when growing up when I could bicycle to the store and buy my favorite candy.I will miss it a lot.

Anonymous said...

I loved the flavor of Astro Pops, I just left a comment for Spangler to start making them or a rounded one of the same flavor. They replied that they had no plans to.

Anonymous said...

Spangler should make the pop in a round flat shape-Please contact the company and ask them to bring it back!

Bianca said...

ASTROPOPS! I remember you and your sticky, succulent flavours... your wax base that always entrapped some precious last few bits of candy... your pointy end that jabbed my throat when I got too excited... Oh how I miss sinking my teeth into you and then trying to remove you from my mouth, and you clinging on to my teeth and refusing to leave them intact... you were a good friend indeed.

Anonymous said...

The best part was to somehow break off a part of the Astro Pop and bite down on it really hard with your molars then try to pull them apart. I'm suprised I still have all my teeth because it wasn't an easy task.

nicholas said...

O.M.G. I'm not alone... I think I need to start an astorpops anonymous meeting, I cant believe they stopped making them either! They have been on the back of my brain ever since red bull came out cause to me they kinda taste the same. I liked the yellow part the best....Other than the pointed end (ouch)

Anonymous said...

astro pop!!!
gone, but not forgotten in 2010~

Anonymous said...


Shoozles said...

I keep looking and hoping they will change their mind and make them again. Greatest candy ever because they come with the best memories.

Anonymous said...

some websies say they are discontinued are they really and other then olvera street los angeles where can i find them also can i order them?

Anonymous said...

how sad I loved Astro Pops as a kid and was hoping to get some for my daughters Bday party.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that comes in here to read this should also take the time to click on this link & then click on feedback & leave the Spangler company a message saying you want AstroPops back...

Ricci Neer said...

Yes!! Astropop - my favorite movie theater candy.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have my children enjoy Astro Pops as I did as a child, please!

techrecruiter said...

Just wait.. Astro Pops are coming back...

Ellia Kassoff said...

Astro Pops are coming back in the Fall. Please go to: for more information.

Anonymous said...

when are the astro pops coming back? I do not know why they were discontinued in the first place, ALL CUZ SOME STUPID PERSON DID NOT KNOW HOW TO EAT IT RIGHT?! I want them back! I miss them, WHEN WHEN WHEN ARE THEY COMING BACK! ;)

Ellia Kassoff said...

Hi everyone, Astro Pops will be back in about 45-50 days. Please go to our Official Facebook Fan Page at:
We post the updates on our page and will be doing a VIP pre-release shortly to all those who are member of our Fan Page. I suggest you all sign up!

kateyk12 said...

They are coming back, but at 144 of them for $349 ($2.50 each), or 1 for $3, that just seems rude.

Ellia Kassoff said...

The price you're referring to is the full retail price with shipping. It's also the actual retail price of $2.49 each for the larger 1.5 oz pop and not the original 1 oz pop, which will be out in 4-6 months. The original 1 oz Astro Pop will be priced at around $1.69-1.89 retail. You're looking at the price off the website. We won't compete with our retailers, that wouldn't be cool. They might discount the pops, but pricing is all up to the individual store. Also understand, Astro Pops are very expensive to make.

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