Love's was family friendly chain of restaurants that featured ribs. It was popular in the early to mid-seventies. There were many locations throughout southern California. Love's was famous for their special BBQ sauce. The Hollywood Blvd. location, just a stones throw from Fredrick's of Hollywood, was popular into the mid-Eighties until it became a hang out for drug dealers.The Woodland Hills location was popular despite the fact it was tucked away in a parking lot behind RB Furniture. Love's big Television debut was in the 1979 T.V. movie "Like Normal People" which starred Shawn Cassidy as a mentally challenged man who worked at Love's Pico Blvd. location. A very convenient location as it was across the street from 20th Century Fox. All Love's restaurants featured the same dark wood interior and "Like Normal People" showcases that interior well. Stand-alone Love's locations all features the same unique architecture similar to Pizza Hut's 1980's design. Around that time the parent company of Love's, Butterfield, decided that the dark interior was a drawback. The trend at the time, was lighter meals in an open well lit atmosphere. Far from the dim dark rooms filled with the smell of Barbecue. The chain was sold to Butterfield in 1983 and they simply screwed with it. Trying to reformulate and reinvent the rib house was a losing proposition. Love's, as a chain, closed in the late 1980's. If anyone has any information about the history of this chain please let me know.

They Always Come Back:
The only listed franchised location left on the planet is, get this, WAY OVER HERE.
Love's BBQ sauce is still available here.


laurenbove said...

That's some pricey sauce. 10 bucks a bottle? It must be deeelish.

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why is that interesting?

Anonymous said...

There was a Love's in San Bernardino California until the early 1990s.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went to this restaurant several times in Carlsbad, CA as newlyweds. It was Our favorite. It still it. We recently wanted to take a trip 3,000 miles to eat there and found it no longer exist. So sad. Our dreams of returning to this great restaurant are lost. Long live Love's great rib restaurant!