Sometimes I feel like an Internet version of Jacques Cousteau. I search the vast Internet sea in search of some sort of long lost rare Americana. I do have to admit there are some subjects that seem to only exist in the polluted Wikisea. I cannot avoid using Wiki as a source as some of the featured subjects simply do not exist in accessible Internet waters. Sometimes my Calypso must occasionally drop it's anchor in the middle of Shamu's tank.
Apparently This is frowned upon by other Internet trollers.
Nuts to you I say. I'm not typing or cutting and pasting this blog for you. I'm doing it for me. I'll do my best to ensure the information is correct and as up to date as possible. Finding something lost from my past is the little bright spot in my now sunless day. I find something and I post it here. I am guilty of cutting and pasting info that I find simply because the info does not need to be rewritten. That apparently is a crime. So I have placed on the sidebar an ugly little disclaimer for all to read. If you feel I have infringed upon you I will remove the post. If you feel I have infringed upon someone else and you feel offended vicariously... I don't know what to say. I appreciate the concern. I will be more diligent in posting links back to reference material.

I welcome all comments and greatly appreciate additional info on the posts. For instance Marko let me know there is a crappy Trader Vic's up in Portland. Thanks! I had no idea! An virtual anonymous poster hipped me to the Naugles commercial and pointed out that it was not Roger C Carmel but Avery Schriber. Thanks! Now that's not to say Roger C Carmel did not do the Naugles commercials. In fact he did them to his death and Avery took over. I'm trying to figure out why I need to do this blog at all. I think my reasoning is to answer the question "what the hell happened to...?" Places like LOVE'S ribs? What the hell? What happened? Once I have an answer I can move on. There is nothing wrong with looking for answers is there?


Salty Miss Jill said...

Who's giving you shit for your wonderful blog? Spiteful bitches. You're fabulous. And thank you foe sharing your little ray of sunshine with the rest of us who appreciate.

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. No one's forcing anyone to read anything here.

laurenbove said...

I am with salty:

You are completely wonderful. Don't let the a*&holes get you down. This is a blog. It's not for anyone but you. Do with it what you will. I think the more grumbling the more you're hitting on something interesting. Don't be bland, try to please or fret. Do what you do.



Feel better baby.

Anonymous said...

Post the negative comments so that we an track them back and analyze their blogs!

Gavin Elster said...

It was an e-mailed response. It's all good. I appreciate the concern.

Gavin Elster said...

LB it is so nice to see you on this blog. I hope all is well in that part of the world!