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pic 'n' save
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William Zimmerman founded Pic 'N' Save Corporation in 1950 by Culver City, California. By 1985, it operated 90 stores in California and six other Western U.S. states. It later expanded to the Southwest and the South, and left both markets in the late 1990s.

In 2002, Big Lots (formerly Consolidated Stores Corporation) bought out the remaining Pic 'N' Save stores and converted them into the Big Lots brand.

They Always Come Back:
The merchandise is exactly the same. In fact, you can see Pic 'N' Save tags under current Big Lots tags on some of the larger white elephants. (quite literally )


Bill German said...

I like the 99centstore the best. Buy NDN.nyse (It reached a huge low in the $6 range this week). wtf

Anonymous said...

there was another grocery store by the same name in ohio. it was owned by finast.(they one time owned stop and shop,giant food,and bi-lo.